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In order to keep your pet from being susceptible to rabies, you need to have it vaccinated regularly.  In addition, proof of rabies vaccination is required by the City of Burnsville to license your pet.  We will give you a tag and a certificate when we vaccinate your pet. 


Rabies vaccinations are needed regularly throughout your pet's life.  The very first Rabies vaccination a dog or cat receives is good for one year.  After that, the vaccinations are good for two years in dogs, and three years in cats.  We will send you reminders when your pet is due - so you don't have to worry about keeping track!


Occasionally there are other vaccinations which we recommend based on the type of pet you have, and the type of lifestyle your pet lives.   We offer dogs:

  • Distemper:  protects against a virus which can initially appear as respiratory infection, fever, and neurological problems.  Distemper is fatal. 
  • Lyme:  protects against tick-borne Lyme Disease.  Dogs living or frequently visited forested areas are especially at risk, though Frontline helps keep ticks away.  Symptoms may include swollen lymph nodes, fever, and loss of appetite.
  • Leptospirosis:  protects against a deadly disease which affects the liver and kidneys, and is contagious to other animals and humans.  Symptoms may include lethargy, dehydration, jaundice and fever.
  • Bordetella:  protects against this irritating disease, which is also sometimes referred to as "kennel cough."  The infection can spread quickly among dogs, and is difficult to resolve.


 And for cats:

  • Distemper:  protects against the parvovirus causing feline distemper, which is highly contagious and life-threatening.  Because the virus can be found virtually everywhere, all cats are considered exposed.  Symptoms include fever, loss of appetite, vomiting, and/or diarrhea.
  • Feline Leukemia: protects against a contagious viral disease.  Symptoms can include anemia, secondary infections, inflammation and eye disease. 


We will give you complete information, as well as the benefits of each type of vaccination, at your yearly wellness exams.