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Annual Wellness Exams


We recommend that you bring your pet in annually to be checked over, and to be sure your pet is current with any vaccinations needed.  If we see your pet regularly, we can stay on top of any symptoms or issues that may arise, and make sure that your pet is developing and growing properly as it ages.


We recommend that you bring in a fecal sample each time you come for a wellness exam, as we can test for intestinal parasites which can come from dirt, feces, or other environmental factors. 


Also, every year (usually in the spring) we need to do a "4DX" test on dogs.  This test checks for Heartworm Disease, as well as 3 tick-borne diseases:  Lyme, Anaplasmosis, & Ehrlichiosis (13% of our patients this year turned up positive for 1, 2, or all 3 of these diseases). These can be prevented by using Frontline, a topical medicine which protects against fleas and ticks, every month.   Another monthly medication we recommend is HeartGuard, a heartworm and intestinal parasite preventative, which comes in a beef-chew form.


A yearly wellness exam also offers you the opportunity to share any concerns, questions, or worries you have about your pet.  We welcome any questions you have, and will work with you to ensure your pet is as healthy as possible!